Looking for Festival Ideas?

Looking for Festival Ideas?

Get a festival petting zoo in Shreveport, LA

If you thought your annual festival couldn't get more fun, you haven't met our animals. Exotic Critters Excursions can bring your animal-themed festival ideas to life with our mobile petting zoo in Shreveport, LA. You can simply plan a date and time, and we'll bring our tamed animals to your event. We'll provide our own tents, pens and flyers. All you need to do is bring the guests.

Book our mobile festival petting zoo in Shreveport, LA today.

You want your festival to stand out

Thinking of exciting, new festival ideas isn't always easy. If you want your event to be fun and unique, all you need is an exotic animal rental. Whether you're celebrating an event or raising money for a cause, a festival petting zoo will draw crowds. Attendees can take photos with and learn about our various mammals and reptiles.

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