Are You Looking for Church Event Ideas?

Are You Looking for Church Event Ideas?

Rent animal guests in Shreveport, LA

You want to celebrate and enjoy all of God's creation. If you want to fully engage your congregation in lessons about Noah's ark and Bethlehem, you'll want to look into animal rentals for church events.

Exotic Critters Excursions can bring safe, friendly exotic animals to your church in Shreveport, LA. Adults and children alike will love combining lessons about animals and lessons about the Bible. Plus, our creatures can make any fundraiser or celebration a little more exciting.

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Introduce your flock to furry friends

You might wonder how animal rentals for church events work. The bigger your event is, the more animals we'll provide. We'll set up different stations for mammals and reptiles where your congregation can meet and learn about each animal. You can combine education and fun while gathering your church family together.

If you're low on church event ideas, we're here to help. Ask about our animals and schedule now by calling 504-407-9151.